Busting Myths About THC Percentages: Why Full-Spectrum Matters

Here at Indigrow, we have noticed that a great deal of current cannabis users seem to have the same impression. They seem to assume that a higher THC percentage means better, more potent cannabis.

However, as research has shown and as people are beginning to realize more and more: this is simply not the case. In fact, it seems that with all the activity out there in the legal cannabis industry, that THC percentages can sometimes be inaccurately inflated.

There are many more components involved in making your personal cannabis experience the most optimal it can be. Full spectrum cannabis is the highest in quality and best option for your natural wellness needs, keep reading as we talk about why.


What exactly do we mean when we say Full-Spectrum Cannabis?

Firstly, you might be wondering what we mean when we say full spectrum cannabis. In this new era of legal marijuana, it is easy to get lost in a sea of abbreviations and phrases, but not to worry, we are here to help!

Full spectrum cannabis means that our expert cultivation team takes pride in growing all of our plants to ‘full term’, meticulously caring for and allowing the plants to fully express themselves in all of their available cannabinoid and terpenes goodness.

When cannabis plants are taken to full term, this allows for a more complete full spectrum experience for consumers that are looking for more enhanced and clearly expressed beneficial effects.


THC Acting as the ‘Vehicle’: The Importance of The Entourage Effect

Furthermore, when considering such important concepts as the Entourage Effect as they relate to full spectrum cannabis, it is helpful to think of this in the analogy of a car.

The entourage effect is the synergy that occurs when several cannabis compounds act in tandem, creating the overall experience that many mainstream folks seem to confuse as solely being caused by the cannabinoid, THC.

Quite the opposite. In fact, here, THC is therefore acting as the ‘vehicle’ which is being driven by beneficial terpenes and other cannabinoids. Combined together, it is this array of cannabinoids and terpenes that is present in full spectrum cannabis that really makes all the difference when it comes to effective wellness.


About Our IndiGrow Custom Formulations:

Additionally, beyond the fact that we are a proud microbusiness and our cannabis flower is proudly always grown to be full spectrum, we’ve got some more exciting products on the way.

We are thrilled to announce that IndiGrow’s owner, Dr. Paul Lomeo, D.O., is currently working on custom formulations for our vaporizer pens. These vape pens are intended to target certain specific effects, using all the naturally-occurring terpenes found within our stellar plants.

We are sure that our unique, beneficial formulations will satisfy cannabis consumers of all types and with various personal wellness needs.


Stay Tuned for more of the latest IndiGrow News and Exciting Product Updates!

We are committed to doing our part in removing the stigma that has been associated with the cannabis plant for far too long. With more awareness, more research, and more access to information, we fully believe in this responsible new era of legal cannabis.

IndiGrow is extremely proud to be on the forefront of small batch craft cannabis flower and products, providing unparalleled natural remedies for consumers throughout the great state of Michigan. As we move forward, our team is also looking forward to sharing more knowledge/resources with our loyal and future customers.

From Michigan cannabis law and guidelines, to marijuana safety for canna-parents, to strain spotlights, be sure to add our Blog Page to your favorites to stay in the know about more vital topics such as these.


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