The Art of Cannabis Processing

As a vertically integrated company, here at IndiGrow, we’re hands-on through each step of the way. For cannabis processing, this includes the drying, cleaning, curing, extracting and packaging of cannabis products direct to consumers.

Keep reading to learn more about this vital aspect of the cannabis industry.


What is ‘Cannabis Processing’?

The term cannabis processing is a crucial element to the overall production of growing cannabis.

In the industry, the term cannabis processing refers to any method to prepare cannabis flower or its byproducts for commercial retail or wholesale, including but not limited to: the drying, cleaning, curing, packaging, and extraction of cannabinoids and compounds from the plant.

Depending on the state or region in which you’re buying medical or recreational cannabis, there are many different methods or requirements enforced for these procedures in cannabis processing.

However, vertically integrated cannabis companies, like IndiGrow, are able to cultivate and process from seed-to-sale. Our expert team of cannabis cultivators and processing technicians bring care and quality to each step of our cannabis microbusiness.


Learning About IndiGrow’s Cannabis Cultivation & Processing

At IndiGrow, we consider cannabis cultivation to be a true art form. Therefore, we believe that cannabis cultivation and processing should always be craft and quality focused. Here’s a deeper dive of our cannabis processing technique at our small batch growing company:

  • Cultivating Caregiver-Style Cannabis
    Our indoor cannabis grow has a small-batch plant count of 150 plants. Not only does this make our cultivation team focused on quality rather than quantity, but we are able to ensure each plant exhibits fully expressed, full-spectrum qualities.By focusing on each plant, we’re able to bring the best caregiving cultivation techniques in a way that is tailored to its various therapeutic and beneficial properties.At IndiGrow, you’ll find every one of our cannabis strains to be heirlooms or landrace strains – such as the Kilimanjaro or Kwazulu strain. (These strains are the original genetic foundations of the commercial hybrids you see on the market today!)


  • Our Commitment to Drying & Curing
    For quality cannabis, the process of drying and curing is of utmost importance to the overall result. As a vertically integrated cannabis company, we don’t adhere to strict production timelines (or hot market trends) – which can often result in a rushed drying and curing process.Instead, we harvest our small batch cannabis once all of the terpenes have been fully expressed and matured in the plant, even if that goes beyond the 60-day harvest mark. We then carefully trim down the plant and hang in our humidity controlled drying room, in order to properly drain the plant of excess moisture, chlorophyll and plant matter.Once dried, our flower proceeds to cure for a minimum of two weeks. This allows for a cleaner, smoother, and more pleasant smoking experience once completely cured.


  • In-House Lab Extraction & Cannabis Processing
    For all concentrates and distillate oils, our flower is processed at our in-house cannabis laboratory directly after harvest. These extractions are created into the various forms of concentrates we have available – including diamonds, wax, shatter, distillate oil, live resin, and vape cartridges.By hosting both our cultivation and extraction lab in-house, we’re able to have hands and eyes on our flower at all times to provide the ultimate care and quality throughout the entire production.Similar to cultivation, cannabis extraction can be performed in multiple different ways or techniques. At IndiGrow, we focus on processing and extraction manufacturing methods that guarantee consistency and safety to our patients and consumers.


IndiGrow: Michigan’s Best High Grade, Small Batch Craft Cannabis

Through our thoughtful and careful cannabis processing methods, our team at IndiGrow confidently provides the best high quality, craft cannabis to the Great Lakes state.

We believe the highest quality cannabis comes from providing the utmost care and knowledge into each step of cannabis processing – whether that’s cultivating, drying, curing, extracting, and packaging, you can count on our cannabis microbusiness to be hands-on during every step of the way.

We are now open! Come meet our enthusiastic team of expert budtenders/technicians, and check out everything IndiGrow has to offer.

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