We consider cannabis cultivation to be an art. Therefore, as such, we believe it should surely be craft-and-quality-focused. Keep reading to learn about our step-by-step seed-to-sale process at our small-batch cannabis company that sets us apart from the rest:

We Specialize In Caregiver-Style Cannabis Growing Techniques

Our small-batch cannabis plant count of 150 plants makes us quality (rather than quantity) focused. With comparatively so few plants to manage, our small-batch cannabis company is able to individualize our care for each one of them, to ensure the plant fully expresses all of its full spectrum qualities. 

Our Head Grower, Scott Russo, has been a caregiver in Michigan for over 15 years. His years of experience have allowed him a massive amount of knowledge on plant cultivation and the process of refining the best cultivars.

We Care Deeply About Good Cannabis Genes

It’s a fact: you simply cannot grow a good plant without good genealogy. That’s why all of our strains here at IndiGrow are heirloom or landrace strains, sourced straight from our head grower. These craft cannabis strains are the original genetic foundations of modern cannabis hybrids. They have evolved naturally over thousands of years. 

We believe that bringing the genealogy back to original strains will allow for better quality, full spectrum cannabis.

We Implement Precise Hydroponics To Ensure The Highest Quality

We use a water efficient form of low-flow irrigation – which works by steadily delivering a water-based nutrient solution to individual plants. This automated control allows us to deliver precise watering schedules to ensure our plants grow to the absolute highest quality. We use Rockwool as our medium for its sterile properties and better air-flow, as well as its non-toxicity, among other benefits.

We are Committed To Perpetual Freshness

At our indoor cannabis grow in Michigan, we cultivate our small-batch cannabis in five state-of-the-art grow rooms in a perpetual cycle; harvesting our plants every two weeks. This allows us to have a constant supply of some of the freshest flower on the market. We start our plants in our early propagation room, where they are closely monitored to ensure quality genetics. 

Once the plants have shown strong traits and have had some time to grow, they are then moved to the vegetative room. (We leave our plants in their vegetative state for at least two months, allowing them to maximize their full potential.) And finally, when the plants are nice and big, we then move them into one of our two flower rooms.

We Practice A Thoughtful, Intentional Harvest & Cure

We believe that the highest quality cannabis is grown thoughtfully (and intentionally) from seed-to-sale. 

With that being said, we think it’s silly to adhere to strict production timelines, subsequently rushing through the drying and curing process… Why ruin months of hard work? This is why we allow our plants to grow until all terpenes are fully expressed, even if that goes beyond 60 days.

Additionally, we take great pride in our careful drying and curing process; properly dried and cured cannabis yields products that smoke more smoothly and induce more pleasant and balanced experiences for the consumer.

We dry our plants in a cool, humidity controlled room for approximately 14 days. After that, we then proceed to cure them in a humidity controlled environment until the curing process is complete (which takes a minimum of two weeks).

Our Craft Cannabis Products Are Processed & Packaged In-House

After our flower is harvested, some of our plant material goes directly to our in-house processing lab — to be extracted into various forms of concentrates — including diamonds, wax, shatter, and vape pens. Our lab uses state-of-the-art equipment, overseen by our on-staff processor, Sienna Kekelik. 

Our owner, Dr. Paul Lomeo, D.O., is currently working on formulating terpene-enhanced vape pens to target specific goals such as helping with sleep, providing a natural energy boost, or reducing anxiety. All of our products are packaged in-house in sealed and child-resistant packaging to ensure optimal freshness and safety.

Our Budtenders Undergo Extensive Training

It’s not just our quality-driven grow style that sets us apart from the rest — it is also our consultative sales approach. Our budtenders undergo extensive training to ensure they have vast knowledge of our growing style and processing techniques, as well as crucial cannabis pros and cons.

Whether they are a first-time user or a long-time user, our budtenders work individually with each customer to help match them with the best product to achieve their desired cannabis wellness goals.

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