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Legal Marijuana Use In Michigan: What To Know

No matter if you are a first-time consumer or have been enjoying the plant in its many forms for a long time, being informed and educated regarding pertinent Michigan marijuana policy is absolutely crucial. Here are some helpful resources that will assist in making your experience optimal. 

This is perhaps the most centralized hub for any inquiries regarding legal cannabis within the Great Lakes State:

More Consumer & Regulatory Resources

What’s more, via the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, below are some other related resources intended to assist Michigan residents with various types of cannabis consumption/regulatory questions, concerns, and needs: 

Main Consumption Methods

As mentioned above, it is important to understand the rules and regulations of legal cannabis in Michigan. It is also important to be aware of all the consumption methods available. 

Below is a helpful resource via the Drug Policy Alliance that covers the main cannabis consumption methods: Inhalation, Oral, Sublingual, & Topical: 


Whether you’re a newcomer to cannabis or an avid enthusiast, it’s always important to be aware of the particulars of safe consumption, in order to achieve the best experience possible. Cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways, and the main cannabinoid present within the plant is THC; the cannabis plant also contains various beneficial compounds such as terpenes and other cannabinoids that contribute to the ‘entourage effect’ – which is what happens when several canna-compounds act together to stimulate the human endocannabinoid system. 

This page is meant to be a guide for anyone looking to experience cannabis in its various forms, but perhaps the most important thing we can strongly suggest is knowing your dosages and making sure to always purchase from trusted brands.

Cannabis FAQ

In Michigan, anyone 21+ with a valid government-issued ID can purchase cannabis.

Individuals can possess up to 2.5 ounces of flower and 15 grams of concentrate.

Per law, you can only consume in private – or – at a licensed consumption establishment or licensed marijuana temporary event.

We will be offering Michigan craft cannabis flower and small-batch concentrates.

Because cannabis is still federally illegal, traveling out of state with cannabis is also against the law.

The best way to check out the best potential strains for you is to talk with our friendly, knowledgeable cannabis consultants.

Yes! Ask us about other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD

Caregivers are an essential part of the marijuana industry, providing a necessary service for patients by helping them acquire medical marijuana. Caregivers are licensed by the state, and each individual using medical cannabis selects a primary caregiver to provide their medicinal cannabis. A caregiver is a reliable grower of cannabis, willing to educate themselves in the laws, benefits, and drawbacks of marijuana in order to best help their patients. A caregiver differs from a grower in that a caregiver specifically tailors each plant to maximize the medicinal benefits; whereas a traditional commercial grower is focused on quantity and profits. 

Caregivers have laid the foundation in Michigan’s evolving cannabis industry, but have not yet been afforded the opportunity to bring high quality medicinal-grade cannabis to the commercial market. We at IndiGrow believe it is our duty to embrace the varied people that made recreational cannabis possible by bringing a caregiver’s craft-style growing to the commercial industry. 

Consumption Methods


Perhaps the most widely-known way of consuming cannabis is the inhaling of smoke from sparked dried leaves through the use of various devices such as: joints, wraps, assorted pipes, etc. With so much variety on the market, it’s fun to search for cannabis accessories that really fit your lifestyle!


Another popular way of consuming marijuana is ingesting various edibles like gummies, chocolates, pastries, etc. It’s important to remember: when taken orally, cannabinoids and other canna-compounds are absorbed and metabolized by the liver before they enter the bloodstream, making for a potentially longer latency period (onset time). Be sure to pay attention to any labels and follow proper dosages as recommended.

Sublingual Use

Another widespread cannabis consumption method is sublingual use, which generally involves putting droplets of tincture under one’s tongue. Holding these droplets under the tongue for several seconds is recommended to make sure your body absorbs the compounds as fully as possible.

Topical Use

Topical cannabis products have been shown to be effective in the potential treatment of various body/skin issues such as localized pain relief and inflammation, and perhaps one of the greatest things about them is that they are generally not psychoactive. Topical products include balms, salves, creams, lotions, oils, and more.


Dabs, or cannabis concentrates, are yet another popular consumption method. ‘Dabbing’ is is the process of using a torch or other device/rig to heat various forms of concentrate such as bubble hash, rosin, budder, badder, crumble, and more. In recent years, cannabis vape cartridges have emerged as a discrete option for many consumers.

Helpful Michigan Adult-Use Cannabis Resources:

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